You can quickly make a good looking and efficient private or enterprise web site utilizing the Free Web Site Creating Application, included in the Web Control Panel. It does not call for any type of HTML or CSS knowledge from you. You are able to jumpstart your unique web site without the need to compose a single line of code. You’re able to choose from more than a hundred layout themes that can be easily modified from the straightforward web–based manager. Once you’re all set, you can easily kick off your website in seconds simply by clicking on the “Publish" key. Should you ever need guidance, you may make contact with the 24–hours–a–day support department, take a look at our help posts or view the free set of educational videos.

An Easy–to–use Site Builder

No programming experience is needed

If you utilize an instrument to construct your web site, it is critical this application is a snap to employ. This is why, we included the Web–site Builder within our Web Control Panel. it is very intuitive and helps you to develop your web site with just a click.

You could build pages, handle their contents and include different features employing a straightforward manager. If you’ve employed a CMS, a web application or perhaps a text editing app, then you’ll already know how to make use of Blue Shade Technologies’s Website Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Assorted Website Design Templates

Over a hundred layout templates to choose from

Our Web Site Builder tool has an assortment of more than one hundred original design templates. They are built to address the most used forms sites – blogs, individual web sites, portfolios, online shops etc. Each of our free themes comes with assorted color possibilities as well as 2 different design types.

At any moment, you can easily change the template of your site with an all new one, or modify the coloring pattern. All the webpages you’ve constructed will be saved and your site will be revised with the design in an instant.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Training Videos

Learn how straightforward it really is to build a website

Our Site Builder includes a set of instructional videos that will lead you from the point of starting the application, to personalizing your web pages. The instructional videos are made depending on the most frequently asked questions on our Site Builder in order to go over what our customers really want to learn.

If you would like additional assistance, you should also take a look at the in–depth courses or communicate with Blue Shade Technologies’s 24x7 support team.

Video Tutorials