What is PrestaShop?

If you would like to create an online store, but you don’t have much experience in working with web sites, then PrestaShop is the perfect solution for you. It is an e–commerce web app meant to be simple and easy to use, but it is rich in features at the same time.

PrestaShop is available in multiple languages and is used in more than one hundred and fifty countries. It powers more than 130 000 shopping portals. It sports a special administrative dashboard, referred to as “back office”, which is the heart of your online store. Using it, you can easily add more products, manage existing ones, set quantity discounts, and a lot more, with a single mouse click.

PrestaShop is a trademark of PrestaShop SA and shares no connection with Blue Shade Technologies.

PrestaShop–Optimized Linux Website Hosting Services

With our PrestaShop Linux website hosting service, you can get your shopping portal published to the Internet with one single click. All you have to do is pick PrestaShop from the web application drop–down list located on the signup page and we shall install your PrestaShop copy as soon as we activate your account. This will let you begin working on your online store right after the account activation procedure has been completed.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

For our PrestaShop–optimized Linux website hosting plans, we’ve built a brand new Web Control Panel. It’s meant to work only with our website hosting system and this gives it a considerable edge over similar hosting Control Panels in regards to speed and security. It’s also designed to remove the need to have extra billing and domain name management panels – you can manage your web site, your domains and your billing transactions from a single location. Furthermore, Blue Shade Technologies’s Web Control Panel is jam–packed with value–added tools and free–of–charge bonuses.

We have tools that will be helpful to both amateurs and sophisticated users. Our Sitemap Generator will allow you to make a full site map for your site with only a few mouse clicks. Our Website Accelerator Programs will boost the speed of your website, but demand a little more work upfront. Our Website Installer Tool can create a brand–new web site for you with a custom–made theme in only four easy steps. Using Blue Shade Technologies’s Free Web Site Creating Application, you can build a new website from the ground up, without needing to possess any CSS, PHP or HTML experience, but you will need to build each web page manually. And that is only a small list of what you can accomplish with Blue Shade Technologies’s Web Control Panel.